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A flashy Food truck for your employees or customers.

With Greg’s Diner, we invite you to time travel with us, bite by bite. We offer you the chance to dive in the universe of the renowned American Diners, from the 50’s and 60’s. With its acclaimed menu and its retro look, Greg’s Diner will give you a unique experience with back-in-the-day flavour that will satisfy the entire familly. Greg’s Diner’s fame is already established. One of our classics, The Double Cheese Burger and Bacon Poutine, has won first place at Montréal’s 2017 Poutinefest.It has also earned the jury’s first choice at the Drummondville’s Festival de la Poutine in 2017 Give your family, friends, co-workers, employees or customers a time travelling experience by calling Greg’s Diner for your business parties, corporate events or celebrations of all kinds. If you hear Elvis’ smooth voice on street corners, if there is a snack bar scent such as the one in your best child memories getting to your nose and if you are surrounded by smiley people, then you’ll know that Greg’s Diner around the corner!


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Reward your employees or customers: Business of all kinds, construction company, private event, weddings, schools. We have expertise for all your events.