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Our history

From one truck to the largest fleet of food trucks in Canada.

  • 2013The beginning

    The beginning was chaotic, confusing and difficult, but extremely promising and exciting. In 2013, when we opened our first food truck, we had a small team (4-5 employees), a small production kitchen and very little experience in the event industry. Fortunately, we had passion and an incredible and innovative product. Our little truck has achieved incredible sales in its first months of operation, giving us a real opportunity to move quickly in the industry. With very little money, we built a truck, and created a culture and brand that interested customers.
  • 2015Success and expansion!

    In 2015, after our successful years, we began the growth and expansion of our business. Over the next 18 months, we added 2 Smoking BBQ Food trucks, our first Greg's Diner truck and our first Charlie's Shack truck, which increased our revenues and helped us built a strong infrastructure. We also spent a lot of time developing recipes and concepts as well as marketing our food trucks in the corporate and private sectors. At the time, it was the "beyond" part. We had our amazing trucks and we did very well in public events, but it was time to move on to the second stage: The corporate event! This part of the company was a real opportunity for us, today Le Smoking BBQ is the leader of the industry and as more than 5000 corporate events to his track record. Our goal has always been to focus on quality to make our customers' experience as spectacular as possible. After all, food trucks are supposed to make people smile.
  • TodayBecoming the largest fleet of food trucks in North America

    And now, we have 14 trucks with 6 different Universes, our company at peak times, employs more than 100 people, our facilities have more than quadruple and we have the largest Food truck fleet in Canada. Moving from one truck 6 years ago, to being the leaders in the industry, was a crazy adventure that made our company the absolute best in the Food truck industry. We have always value the same basic principles from the beginning, focusing on quality and service, these values ​​have allowed us to grow each year, we are in the process of creating the largest fleet of Food trucks in North America.


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